Wake Me When Talent Becomes Enough.

Wake Me When Talent Becomes Enough.

Wake me when talent becomes enough.
Wake me when it is all I need to get results.
Wake me when talent is enough to dine with kings.
And up I will fly without my wings!

Adebola Idowu.

Talent is just half of the pie.

Will only talent make you successful? No.

If talent were enough the most influential and successful people would be the most talented and we all know this is not true. We all know some really talented stars and musicians who are no longer active in the industry today. We all know that the most brilliant person in our class when we were in school is not the most successful today,  If talent were enough then how do we explain that most CEOs are not first graders.

Talent is great.

It will make you stand out but if you think this is enough to keep you standing, then you are wrong. You need more than talent to be successful and to stay successful. Here are 4 key ingredients to add to talent in order to be called a success.

  • BELIEVE in yourself. Talent without a great belief in yourself is nothing – there are people who still doubt themselves and doubt their talents. Lack of belief in yourself is a ceiling on talent and this will stunt your success. Williams James a philosopher emphasized that ‘there is but one cause of human failure and that is man’s lack of faith in his true self.
  • You need to ACT. Talent needs to be acted upon – having talent is not enough, use it. Take ACTION, do something today. Let your talent benefit you and the people around you. There are two type of people in the world, those who want to get things done and those who don’t want to make mistakes. For your talent to bring you success, you can’t afford to be in the latter group.
  • You need to FOCUS. To be successful, it is important to focus. You cannot afford to be distracted by little ideas, sometimes even big ideas that you don’t have strength/talent in. I remember I was approached by one brilliant network marketer and he shared with me this great networking business with rich returns. Does it sound good? Yes. Will I make money? Absolutely. Do I have talent in this area? No. Does it fit into my overall goal, NO.? Talent without Focus won’t bring you success, it will bring you confusion. Don’t try learning someone else’s talent – FOCUS on yours and use it.
  • Continuous Improvement is key if you want your talent to bring you success. The playing field is big, competition is tough – if you don’t want to be ordinary, never rest on your laurels. Keep getting better every day. Learn, learn and learn. Always find best practices and learn from them.

While talent is great, you need WINGS to FLY and these among others are – SELF-BELIEF, ACTION, FOCUS AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

I will be happy to read your view on this.




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