I am Adebola Idowu. I am a transformational coach. I inspire, motivate and transform.

How did I get here?

I have a restless and unrelenting mind, a mind always searching for answers. A mind not believing it has done all it could. I knew there was more to me – I knew I had not done all I was capable of doing. I knew I wasn’t filling up my space, I knew I wasn’t dominating. I was not touching lives the way I , I was not impacting humanity, and I had a lot within me but was not sharing for others’ benefit.

I knew I needed to get out! But to where?

My background

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria – I was told early in life that education was my gateway to success and self-fulfillment. I have always been result-focused all my life, sometimes I look back and realize I never lived in the times that passed, and maybe this is me being hard on myself. All through the different levels in school, my eyes never left the results – it was simple – Get good grades and you will get a good paying job and you are made!! And yes, I got good grades and I got a good paying job but something was still missing.

I wanted more!! I knew I had capacity for more, I wanted to fill my space. I thought they said when I get a good job I was made, I didn’t feel so.

The Quest for my Purpose

I have done several things in the past; all in the name of trying to fill the space and with the hope that I’d find the missing piece I was looking for. I did some buying and selling – this came from being the most Industrious Female Accounting student in the university to selling shoes when I was a Youth Corp Member participating in the one-year mandatory service to the Nation. I made some money but it wasn’t the piece.

I moved on to learning how to make clothes. This idea was birthed from my cravings for perfection. I just couldn’t come to terms with why some dressmakers would make clothes that don’t fit. I got a sewing machine and engaged someone who came to the house every night when I returned from the office to teach me how to sew. I did this for a while, enjoyed it while it lasted but it still wasn’t the missing piece.

I then moved to photography, this came from my excessive self-love. I take a lot of pictures and I thought since I enjoy this, it could be it. I got a professional camera and got someone who taught me every Friday afternoon. I learnt fast, I’d say. I did some sessions for some models at a point for a small income. I also did a friend’s son’s first birthday party (only if I can this day give her the pictures ) . It didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t the missing piece.

Then in 2011, I started writing. I paid for a blog page; where I published stories on a weekly basis. I wrote a lot as a child – so I was happy to be honing my skills. I enjoyed it and I still enjoy writing – It is my way of traveling out of the world to be in my own world. It filled me but not completely. Then I introduced Inspirational Monday posts. That moved me closer, I looked forward every Monday to inspire someone to do something differently.

How I found it

Early 2015, I was in the USA when I got a call from a colleague to say another colleague was asked to leave; like on a Monday he had a job and on Tuesday he was jobless. That got me really thinking, and just like a message was being passed few days later my husband told me another senior colleague in his company was also asked to leave. The difference in the two situations; while the former wasn’t prepared for what hit him, the latter had other things she could fall back on.

I called my close friend on phone and we talked for hours. The summary was that we needed to identify our life’s purpose; we needed to do things that fulfill us. We knew there was something special buried within us which we haven’t identified. We talked about how the world isn’t just about us and our families, how we should strive to make a difference and how the world should be a better place because we are in it.

Two months later I found the picture below while surfing the internet.

the matron

My nickname is ‘The Matron’ coming from having 4 boys (so I am the Matron of the boy’s hostel.) I loved it, saved it and used it as display picture on BBM. A big aunt saw this and asked the below.


That was it! Everything added up – It checked all parameters.

  • To positively impact lives
  • To be known for something
  • Talking is my passion
  • I believe in causes
  • I believe we all have potentials and nothing was impossible for us to achieve and speaking was an opportunity to share my views and guide people to living their best.

Finally, I found the missing piece.

And ever since I found my purpose, I haven’t been able to keep calm.

The ideas came pouring in and I learn something new every day.

I have transitioned from nursing that small idea of having just you-tube videos to giving my all to reach out to the world in many more ways. Over the months that followed, I swiftly improved on my skills, learning extensively and seeking guidance and counselling from experts.

Speaking to Inspire is more than a job for me; it is my life, my purpose. I find fulfilment daily knowing someone somewhere will do something differently because of my intervention.

My goal hasn’t changed, ‘To positively impact millions of lives around the world”.”

“At the end of your life… it’s not how much money you have in the bank or what kind of car you drove or house you lived in; it’s about how much you give and how much of a positive impact you make on another person’s life.” – Marc Mero