2017 Goal Setting Workshop

2017 Goal Setting Workshop

It was a totally lit day on the 24th of December 2016 when TAI Community Members and friends of Members met to set their goals for 2017.

The day started with the convener, Adebola Idowu explaining the importance of Goals Setting; stating that the purpose of the workshop was to help members accomplish their 2017 goals in an organised fashion.

There was a brainstorming session where members were grouped into teams. Each person shares his major target for 2017 and receives more ideas / input from other members of the team on what can be done better.

Then there was a quiet moment for each participant to fill out the Goal Worksheet specifying in their handwriting their Financial Goals, Career Goals, Social Goals, Health Goals, Spiritual Goals etc and putting timelines against each goal.

The highlight of the day was when each member selected an Accountability Partner. An accountability partner is that person who works with you for the rest of the year, ensuring that all targets set are accomplished at the right time. This person does the work of a coach and keeps you on track of your commitments.

The team took out time to also capture some memories 🙂

Participants were enthused about the new year and are looking forward to the next Goals setting Workshop when we will be reviewing our 2017 performances, celebrating our successes and setting some more goals to crush in 2018.


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