I say I will but I don’t – Self Discipline

I say I will but I don’t – Self Discipline

Who doesn’t like to sleep some more

Snooze the alarm or simply ignore

Who doesn’t like to work less with no stress

And earn big, live large and impress

Who doesn’t like to eat big and stay slim

Without needing to visit the gym

Setting goals is great, I know

Execution is the main thing, I’m low

I say I will but I don’t

I know I should but I stone

I heard it’s called self-discipline

The ability to ignore that extra sleep

The ability to sow even though I just want to reap

The ability to work even when I don’t feel like it

The ability to stay when I really want to quit

The ability to take my eyes off that big burger

The ability to be a doer and not just an observer

The ability to control my desires and emotions

The ability to hold back my explosions

The ability to say no to myself and not look back

The ability to forge on despite setbacks

The ability to do what I should not what I want

No one needs to tell me what to do

I should hold it together by myself if to me I’m true

So I will set goals and live by it with obsession

Life is not a practice session

My success is mine and I know that to shine

I have to be in charge, fully in control

Of my own journey, and create my own history.

You should too.

How to Discipline yourself

  • Have big dreams
  • Set SMART Goals that will bring your dream to realization
  • Break these goals into small chunks and into months
  • Write it all out. Use a productivity tool to help you organise your goal. See link here
  • Make these goals tie to your daily actions
  • Write out what you need to do to achieve each action
  • Don’t wait for it to feel good before you do it. Do it, whether it is covenient or not
  • Take away distractions.
  • Have an accountability partner; someone to keep you in check.
  • Always track your progress and celebrate milestones reached.

Until next post, continue to follow up on your dreams!

And stay disciplined ♥


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