I Would Do Great If I Knew How – Gaining Clarity and Direction

I Would Do Great If I Knew How – Gaining Clarity and Direction

It was foggy and I will not pretend that I was clear about the road to take from the word go.

I stood at the bus stop pretty sure that I was meant to be moving and going somewhere

I just couldn’t picture where to.

All the buses passed me by, but I stood not moving

While standing though, I was busy with my hands but not my head

I was busy with my mouth but not my heart

My heart and head were somewhere else, the place I knew not

The buses passed quickly, fast enough that I thought missing it won’t be hard

I was asked by a young man, “Where to young lad?”

My response was innocent, “I don’t know”

He smiled and said, “Ain’t we all lost, why wait then? Let’s hop into any bus”

I did. I hopped into different buses, at different times

Only to alight at the slightest bump, the rides were not smooth

Maybe if I knew the destination and the benefits that laid ahead, I would have persevered.

I didn’t, I didn’t want to. I was missing my mark

Then again, I found myself at another bus stop, still confused as the rest

Then the intervention came, like a lightning it came

It was clear. The destination was written clearly in my core

I was sure. I was excited. I knew the bus to hop and I jumped right in

Full of bumps, but the sweetness of the destination made it bearable

I am still on the journey, 100% clear of where I am leading

Clear as to what lies ahead

The bumps are temporary and I’m learning how to bounce with each bump,

I am getting close to the dreamland

The sweetness is in the ride with all its bumps and roughs

And I’m willing to stay on the journey to the end.

-Poem by ‘Debola

How to Gain Clarity and Direction

Everyone needs that clarity.

Most of us will do great things if we know what exactly to focus on.

What to focus on is in us.

It is in our factory setting.

We all have it in our core, but our environment – people around us and even physical environment, life numerous activities and situations make it all hazy leaving our minds heavily cluttered.

  • Start first by decluttering your space – both office and home. Be organized. This does magic to my mind.

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  • Write out everything on your mind; tasks you need to do, who you need to call, places you need to go – everything you carry in your head and move around with – write it all down! I call this unloading the mental RAM. This is like decluttering your mind. These small things most times slow down the processor and prevent it from handling major tasks.

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  • Flee for negative influences – I have a way of doing this nicely without them realizing
  • Find a friend who is clear and vision focused, there will be some rub off on you.
  • Ignore the bad news in the environment. You will be absorbing too much which does harm to the mind. Go for the success stories and the opportunities that can be taken.
  • Meditate – spend time daily (first thing or last thing in the day) to search inward for what makes you really happy. What is that thing you really would love to be known for?

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  • Sleep well. The recommended hours of sleep is 6 – 7 hours. I try struggle to do minimum of 6 hours
  • Follow a regular daily routine. Plan your day. Set goals and work daily towards accomplishing those goals. There is a goalbook called GOAL DIGGER that can help with this. It is a productivity tool that will help you live an intentional life.
  • Remember not to be hard on yourself – clarity on what to focus on to do great things and be great will be gotten, just keep tab of the tips above.

Wishing you all the best on this journey. And stay ever positive and productive.

Cheers ♥♥♥


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