Key Benefits of Half Year Performance Assessment

Key Benefits of Half Year Performance Assessment


I am happy to welcome you to the second half of the year 2016. Is it me or the first half went really fast? In the midst of the whole brouhaha in the country, time didn’t stop ticking! Oga o. 🙂

As with most companies, this is the time for mid-year performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is a process where a manager evaluates an employee’s performance by comparing it with preset performance objectives, he documents the results of the comparison, and provides feedback to the employee showing where improvements are needed. Now we will have to apply this approach to our personal lives.

In January I shared a video and a post on Goal Setting and I also made available for download a Goal Worksheet I designed to act as a tool to guide us in capturing all our plans for 2016 putting it into a defined time frame.

Now you are going to be your own manager and you are going to appraise yourself. You will compare month on month your achievements versus plan. It is clear that you may have missed on some targets. The benefit of this exercise is to bring to our consciousness those things we have missed and define plans to complete these in the rest of the year.

What is required to do a good Performance Assessment?

Candor– Be candid with yourself. Don’t embellish your achievement and build excuses for your shortfalls. The essence of this exercise is to make the most of the year and ensure we grow versus 2015. You are not submitting your assessment to anyone so you need to be authentic.

Identify what worked for you in the first half – What new skill did you get, what impact did you make on people, what did you learn, what project did you start, or what project did you complete, what made the first half really great for you? These should be celebrated. Build on whatever positive thing you have achieved/done.

Identify areas of improvement – So in the first half of the year what did not work for you? Fuel pump price @ N145 that didn’t work for anybody, Naira devaluation did not work for anyone. You need to be clear on what you can control and what you cannot. For the things you cannot control, think of a mitigating plan. How else can I achieve my preset plans despite the economic challenges or does my plan need tweaking? What can you do to change things? Do you need new skills? What are those things you have not done and why?

Again, the essence of this is that we grow versus 2015 and not remain flat. We should aim to grow in all areas of our lives; personal, career, business, relationships, spiritual, etc. Re-look your balance of year plans, make it crisp and go for it.

I wish you a fulfilling balance of year 2016.



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