Key Benefits of Staying Focused

Key Benefits of Staying Focused

What are the key benefits of staying focused for success?

A lot of us wander.

We struggle with focusing on one thing. It seems natural to have our mind wander off sometimes but we have to devise means to help us stay on focused on our goals. Sometimes it is hard because some of us do not even know what to focus on. It is difficult to stick to something that has no form. So first identify that thing that you love doing, that you are good at and you can offer to the world. Once you are able to identify this one thing,  that should be your priority and focus.

What are the benefits of staying focused?

  • Good use of your resources: You are able to channel your energy and resources towards one thing. You de-emphasize the nice-to-haves and focus on the must-haves. Ironically what you focus on expands.
  • Feel more in control – when you have one thing screaming for your attention, you feel better in control of your life; no distractions, no influences. You are clear on where to go and how to get there.
  • Everything does not feel important – When you lack focus, every opportunity feels grand. You jump at all opportunities without checking if this on the long term makes sense. You are scared of missing out of opportunities.
  • Focus helps you to tap into your creativity – Someone who has many things at hand and is not well grounded in any tends to jump off a project to another one when he/she encounters a problem. And when there is a challenge again he/she jumps off again. This is waste of time and resources. Focus helps you to find alternative ways of achieving the project you have at hand. It opens up your creativity.
  • Failure isn’t total. If you are focused, you will know that failing is not a reason to quit your dreams. It is quicker to get past shame and embarrassment knowing you are doing what resonates with you. Failure for you is more a lesson; you learn one way not to do something.

Life is like a camera, focus on what is important, blur out the distractions and capture it perfectly.

‘Focus like a laser, not a flashlight’ – Michael Jordan

In summary, Identify what you love doing, what you are good at and what the world needs – once you identify this, stay in the game, be focused and be consistent.



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