Letter to Dear Entrepreneur

Letter to Dear Entrepreneur

Dear Entrepreneur,

I write today to inspire you, to encourage you to think differently, reinforce your belief in yourself and help create in you a sense of urgency to dominate your space. It’s no news that I have a big crush on you. I admire you a lot, you have been able to do what most people would love to do but for their lack of balls. I love that you have set yourself apart and you are chasing hard to be very successful at what you do. I respect you a lot. Please continue to stay in the game so long as it keeps you happy and fulfills you.

I am aware though that sometimes you get confused, overwhelmed because things are not running as you planned, and you are thinking – should I really have given up paid employment, shouldn’t I have stayed where the risk was low and the returns pretty stable; where I will get paid whether or not the business makes money. I know these thoughts sometimes cross your mind and it depresses you and I have here for you some uplifting tips.

So first, answer honestly – Are you doing what you love? If you can establish that this is a yes, then never quit. No reason should make you leave that thing you love because you can only do great work if you love what you do.

So then the next question – Are you working towards dominating your space? I appreciate that this won’t happen in a day, but it is a journey that is worth undertaking. Don’t just get by, plan to take over. Plan to blow. Let me share some tips with you on how you can prepare yourself for dominating your space.

One, have someone you look up to in your field. If you are into event management, who do you aspire to be like? If you are in the media, who do you look up to?  Find someone you admire so much and model this person. This will give you direction and focus. How did your model get to where he is? What skill did he acquire, what qualifications does he have? Modelling someone will also encourage and motivate you, if that person can do it – you can too, and even do it better!

Two, have clear goals on how you can be that person. Write down your goals. Define your personal goals, career/business goals and your social goals. I want you to also appreciate that to achieve your dreams, it is not going to be a straight course, no matter how much you prepare – Murphy’s Law will come to play. This law says that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. But having sharp goals will help you keep your eyes on the ball.

Three, Network. Find people within your circle you can meet with and learn from. It helps a lot, you shouldn’t make mistakes that have been made in the past.

Four, have a Unique Selling Point. This should be something even your model would wish he had. Something that is unique to you. Something you can add to your service/product. Something that will set you completely apart. Research your customers. What more do they want? Why should they come for you and not another person in the space you operate? Why should they trust you and patronize you? What makes you different? Sell these benefits to people.

My dear, there are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make and these are;

  • Having no big picture, objectives or goals.
  • Being risk averse.
  • Giving up after hiccups.
  • Poor or Zero Branding.
  • Money being the main driver
  • Lack of time discipline, work discipline and financial discipline.

Please watch out for these mistakes and avoid them. Never forget that Greatness Lies Within you – you have the power to dominate – consistency is the name of the game, never play small, don’t stay on the edge, go all out and set yourself apart. Take care and have fun while you crush your goals.

I will be waiting to read your success story.


Yours faithfully,

Adebola Idowu.



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