My job sucks

“I hate my boss, and I hate my job”

“I put in my best but it doesn’t seem enough”

“That job drains me”

“My boss dislikes me”

“I am committed up to the level of my salary”

“I don’t give a hoot, I do what I can and I leave”


Any of the above your lines? 😊

Do you wake up everyday dreading to go to work?

Like ‘OMG, it’s another work day! Can I just die?’ 😊

And the only thing that is getting you out of bed is that monthly ALERT (every employee’s deadly addiction).

Your engagement is tending to zero and something needs to be done by you before something is done to you.

Disengagement shows like glitters all over your face and this doesn’t put you in a good position. You cannot be productive when you are disengaged.

You don’t care whether the company succeeds or not?!

Let me tell you who cares?

The company.

They will weed you out before you infect the rest of the team.

And yes, it is contagious! – Stick around someone who complains a lot and you will be bitten by the bug!

No organisation wants a disgruntled, unhappy and disconnected team member. It is high time you made sense of what you do daily. This is not just you doing the organisation a favour, you are also not wasting your time and you are making your daily existence worthwhile.

Ask yourself –

  • Is my current role aligned to my 5-year / 10-year goals? If your goal is to be the CFO of a multinational company, how is your current role contributing to that? Are you on track or off track? (and this is seriously hoping that you have goals you are working towards. Check this post)
  • Aside the monthly salary and benefits, what am I getting from this job? Am I learning and developing myself? Am I building my capability? Am I adding to my market worth?
  • Is there a role that will be more contributory to my future plans than where I am in the organisation?

If your responses to the first two questions are negative, do have a discussion with your line manager first, then HR. Let them know you can contribute more to the organisation if your role was changed. (sometimes we suffer because we don’t talk to those that matter). And before this, get more knowledge about that area that interest you so you are better prepared to answer any question that may arise from the discussions.

And remember this change may not happen as soon as you say it but it will be noted.

Where the response is not positive, start considering a career change. We spend a significant amount of our life working. It is a large piece of our life. And it is important to think thoughtfully and intentionally about it. How easy it will be to make a career move also depends on how much you have developed yourself. What can you offer?

And NO, you are not stuck! – your job may suck but you have the power to change this.

Never ever complain without acting. Complaining is a complete waste of one’s energy. Those who complain the most accomplish the least.

So start this beautiful week reassessing your priorities.

Wishing you all the best.


‘Debola ♥

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