Practical Guide to Getting Things Done

Practical Guide to Getting Things Done

Allow me to share with you Practical Guide to Getting Things Done and may be today you can start doing that thing you have been pushing aside. I get asked many times how I manage my time to accommodate the home front with four boys and a field marshal, a busy work life as a Performance Enthusiast and my dream of inspiring the world. For a long time my response has been, I don’t know – they all just fit in somehow. Recently I found the answer, it is one word – MOTIVATION. If the motivation, the passion, the willpower to do something is strong, you will most definitely find time for it.

In the course of my job as a Performance Coach, I have heard a bunch of reasons why many people are not giving time to do what will truly make them happy. One reason that has a place in everyone’s mouth is that there is no time. I told a client once that he has time but what he doesn’t have is motivation and this is true for many of us. If you have strong reasons to do something, you will do it – if you are not motivated to do it, you will find excuses.

It is true that time flies, but you are the pilot! You should direct it to where it should fly to. So how do you do this?

Have strong motivation to act and write this down. Most times we focus on the benefit of doing something, this may not be enough motivation. For example I want to register for CFA so I will have a career edge, I want to start my own business so I can have financial freedom. This time, start thinking of what you will lose if you don’t act. Sometimes we are just way too comfortable with status quo, imagine losing the status quo and the things and people that will suffer from this loss – maybe that will create a strong motivation for you. Think, without a career edge, you may not be able to keep your job in an economic crisis as we have now. Without acting, you may just be pushed out of your zone into a N0-Zone.

Have clear goals with clear timings written down. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having your goals written down and broken down into periods. Know each month what you need to achieve. This will help you have a plan for each week and each day. You shouldn’t start your day without a time plan.

Prioritize and Focus. Sometimes we multi-task and end up not getting anything done. Focus on one key task at one time, you will be efficient that way and you can diversify when you are an expert in that field.

Block out distractions. To maximize your day, practice not answering the phone just because it’s ringing and responding to e-mails just because an alert pops up. People naturally make things appear important and urgent – you should be able to sense when heaven is not going to fall if you don’t act immediately. I have developed the habit of pushing some actions to a defined time of the day and this is working for me. Other distractions like Facebook and other forms of social media should also be relegated to the background unless of course it generates business for you.

Put this tips into practice and you will have a better control of your time and you can get to those things that are really important to you.

Feel free to also share what has worked for you, we will be happy to learn.



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