Remind Me The Destination

Remind Me The Destination

Remind me the destination.

Where am I headed?

Important to ask sometimes.

What again is the reason,

For this journey I have embarked on.

I need to know

Either to check that I have not lost focus

Or to make sense of where I currently am

Or if there is need to change route

The wakeup call is needed

The reminder is necessary

Not to get lost in the whirlwind

Of numerous activities

I ask myself

Am I on full speed to nowhere?

Or spiraling on a spot?

Taking one step forward

And three steps back?

It will be good to know,

If this route still leads there

Or if I should make a bend

Or a turn.

I know

That my plan can change,

But my goal mustn’t.

My goal is my destination

I just need to be reminded


All times.



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