Who Else Wants to Escape?

Who Else Wants to Escape?

Running Off?



“I can’t face the humiliation, I can’t stand being called a failure, the hustle is too much, something else has got it be easy. So I gotto go!!!” Who else wants to escape?


Quitting is easy.

You sometimes make yourself feel good by saying I will go do something else, this isn’t working for me or sometimes you just simply say you are done! I agree that sometimes we get overwhelmed that we just want to quit trying; we want to forget about that professional examination, we want to forget the business we started, we want to stop pushing hard and we just want to  run off the field before we completely bruise our ego. I get it.

But please before throwing in the towel, here are 5 things you need to consider.

  • You might just be building the first of a series of event to come. Michael Jordan says if you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Listen, the next project you are running off to won’t be any easier. But quitting at that point won’t be so difficult because you have done it once. This then becomes a way of life for you.
  • While age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul. You will someday wish you did not quit especially when you see some other people successful at that same time you gave up on. You will regret that you didn’t push harder, that you didn’t seek help, that you didn’t find alternative ways of getting out of the challenge. The pain of whatever you are going through now is temporary, when you succeed you will forget this pain.  Quitting will bring you regret and the pain of regret is intense and it lasts forever.
  • Most times we do not know what constitute failure. We judge and measure our lives by the standards we set for ourselves. If I don’t score 80 I have failed, if I don’t hit a million naira a month then I have failed, If that business does not grow, I have failed. By no specific standard, the only real time you fail is when you give up. When money, status, results, growth don’t come as perfectly as we expect, it is not failure – it is called life. The real time you fail is when you quit.
  • No one says it will be easy and no one is immune to setbacks. Success is sweet but it has to be earned. It involves a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Dangote who emerged the richest black man in 2008 says it took him 30 years to get to where he is today, it didn’t happen overnight. Did you think it was a jolly ride for him, I bet you wouldn’t think so. And did he quit, No – because then he wouldn’t have earned the rich title.
  • When you quit, you will not only punish yourself, you will be punishing the world. You will be depriving the world of your awesomeness and potentials. Imagine what we will miss by you recoiling in, the benefits of that brilliant idea in your head. The things around you ranging from phones, laptops, companies, wears, structures down to bridges, policies, processes are all products of some other people’s imagination, action and most importantly people staying in the game despite all odds.

So, if you are considering getting off the field and becoming the spectator or leaving the stadium completely, please have a rethink and stay back on the pitch. Keep playing, the world is waiting to celebrate you. Your families and friends are waiting to famz you and I am waiting to read your success story.

Until you read from me again, stay fabulous.





  • Queendaline

    I’m inspired, as usual. Great! Thanks sis.

    • Adebola

      Thanks my Queen.

  • daniel olumuyiwa

    Motivating post

    • Adebola Idowu

      Thank You.

  • Ichukwu Jacob

    Grate talk! I think my Friends that is considering to liquidate his business need this. I will surly share this with him.

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